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"The guitar riff for Norma is like an international party anthem". This definitely should have been the theme for some great 80's movie.

. The celebrity co-conspirators remain nameless but director Randy Morgan does a great job at re-creating a "Love Shack" vibe in this light-hearted romp. Do yourself a favor and pick up the CD, "The Cruelty of Gravity" for hours of retro-ecstacy, Supermodel Vanessa M lends herself to this incredible 80's romp."Norma McCall" is available now on itunes . and  Amazon

"Sounds like MGMT on Rock" Check out more songs at Reverbnation. 


What is it that's waiting outside ? Is it freedom ? Is it the answer ? Does the lady at the pharmacy hold the key ? Or is it the yacht at the end? Once again Abraham Cloud has proven that anyone can do anything with almost absolutely nothing but an idea. This is a thoroughly entertaining home-made video of an absolutely great song. From the Herb Alpert horns on the intro to the sinister , haunting "I Love You's" the listener is taken on a private journey somewhere south  of Sane. Buy now on Itunes or relax and buy later on Amazon.
Thanks so much for stopping by,  It's really exciting for me to think that somebody new is hearing my songs.  If you'd like to hear more don't hesitate to sign up for the mailing list below.  I'll totally respect your privacy and send you a lot of cool stuff as well.  I'm a little different from most musicians out there these days in that I hate playing live.   Once I'm doing it it can be amazing and I don't know if its stage fright or the fact that I just don't like people looking at me but I do love writing and recording and recently doing my own videos at home.   I guess I'm kind of a shut-in these days sending my "message in a bottle " out through the internet.    Anyways ,  thanks again for listening, (by the way , you can hit a button on the widget at the bottom of the page to change songs)   And here's hoping that all our dreams eventually will come true ......

"Another Successful Breakfast is a quick trip through the dark streets of Los An­ge­les where the ex­tremes of the night leave many wan­der­ing aim­less­ly in search of food , shelter . sex , love , or maybe just entertainment. Down­load this clas­sic Abra­ham Cloud song and re-​live LA the way the Doors saw it , Bleak, Beau­ti­ful. Promis­ing and Dev­as­tat­ing. Wait­ing pa­tient­ly to con­fuse the pi­ous and re­ward the lost an­gels; John­ny Cash fans get a free sub­way ride on
itunes  off to the ama­zon

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The best drinking song of all time finds new life in Puerto Vallarto. Check out the beautiful Mexican women and the beautiful Baja Coast line. Also caught on tape is the famous Indian Shaman Jolito wearing his magical Mayan Calander ring. Its a total 2012 Celebration here on the Mexican Riviera,
From the Ancient Mariner Bagpipes to the pure primal furry, Abraham Cloud proves once again he is ready to "Let It Ride!" Download at itunes  or get an actual cd which is jam-packed with other classic tunes at CD Baby  How come Weezer never covered this song ?????

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 Lyrically inventive storytelling from a modern apartment-  dwelling perspective

Abraham Cloud is an urban storyteller with a unique perspective and a gift for melody. Addressing predominantly homeless and shiftless themes, Abe's stories are detailed narratives told from a first hand point of view.

From the Salinas Valley of Northern California, to the streets of Los Angeles - raised on the stories of Steinbeck and the music of John Lennon, Abraham Cloud has a story to tell.  In many ways reminiscent of the bar room music of Tom Waits, Abe's music covers the spectrum of musical styles and is difficult to pigeon-hole into a specific category. 

Poignant and sincere, Abe conveys both tragedies and common events with his sense of humor firmly intact. An unconscious but effective marriage of unique stories with his own persona, Abe's personality and down-and-out humor are an integral part of every story that he tells. "When I'm writing my best, desperate suicidal characters come out but they appear in almost surreal comic book form," Abe explains.

Often contemplative, frequently introspective and always insightful, Abe tells a story like no one else. Some feel that the root of his creativity seems to be a very troubled childhood. The result, intensely personal stories with universal appeal. If you're a fan of David Bowie, Loenard Cohen, Johnny Cash, Bright Eyes or Beck you might be quite nicely surprised by Abraham Cloud. So go ahead, you step outside put a match to your cigarette and check out "Cigarette Bar."
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